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About Us

About Us

“If the blues had a baby called rock ‘n’ roll, then Fabyl is the bastard child of rock and hip-hop” says label founder Nick Faber.

Debut compilation album Arrival and lead single What Happened Yesterday take both aural and visual cues from these standards in classic axe shredding and old skool block rocking; “Funky breaks, boom bap beats, rootsy riffs and fierce percussion breakdowns; this is the place where everybody comes out dancing” says Faber – a mission statement that deserves diving right into.

The album brings together a host of names, including Nick Faber’s old sparring partner and one-time ‘Gentleman of Leisure’ Jadell (putting pump in platform soles) and cult champions in waiting such as The Umbilical Chord, The Mike Coleman Congregation, The Supervillains and New York City hip hop heroes Bronx Slang.

What Happened Yesterday kicks off proceedings, knowing what time it is with a thrusting riff and king-size beats tucking the glitterball under its arm, leading to an open invitation for disco funkers and B-boys to get loose. The departures of Arrival schedule pop pushed slightly to the left, downtime dub and lounge funk that still has plenty of boogie under the hood, and undercover hip-hop giving clues of things to come…

Dancing shoes should be done up tight but easy to slip off. We are ready, willing, and Fabyl.