Where Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes lifted you to where eagles cry and Ashford & Simpson proved their solidarity, husband and wife pair Gavin Conder and Jessica Greenfield as The Kondoors give up the glories of ‘Glorious’, an album of funk and soul both easy like Sunday morning and with fire in its belly where passionate matrimony pushes one another’s buttons.


Backed by a roll call of esteemed session players and overseen by producer Paul Stacey (Oasis, Noel Gallagher, the Black Crowes), ‘Glorious’ packs an intoxicating blend of rollicking, all-or-nothing, rocked-out funk riding into the sunset, Motown flavours and indie-folk solitudes, arm-linking singalongs and first dances (‘Postcards’ is destined for the playlists of newlyweds, both cinematic and in the real world), and the sort of heartfelt yet power-packed duets that keep company with storied names such as the above.


After lending themselves to an impossibly high calibre of rock and pop artists, with Greenfield a backing singer in Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, debut album ‘Glorious’ is packed with contemporary and time-honoured influences – recognisable, respectful, authentic – that have lead to Rolling Stone lauding their mix of “country music and an eclectic pop sound showcasing spine-tingling harmonies”.

Answering the inevitable question of how the pair’s work/domestic relationship translates into the bedrock on which the album is based, Greenfield says that “it can take a while to get past any criticism, which is inevitable when you’ve been together for nearly 16 years, but once we’ve gotten over that it flows nicely”.

This year, glory rests with The Kondoors from airwaves to stage.