Stomping the streets as barbed wire strings go for jugulars and guitar charges from Fake Blood start polishing steel toe caps, Bronx Slang – “impatiently patient from years of pounding the pavement” – won’t tell you twice on ‘Copy That’.

Rattling radios with a megaphone-ready hook, Jerry Beeks and Miggs’ are hard targets articulating how to live in 2020. Ravenous on the mic, a dash of their trademark namedrops end up empathising “when the easy way out is getting harder to take”. Bronx Slang, over and out.

‘Copy That’ is the first predictably defiant act from the New York pair’s sophomore album arriving some time in 2021. Last year’s ‘Bronx Slang’ LP, championed by DJ Premier and described as one of the highlights of the hip-hop calendar by DJ Magazine, realised the pair’s reverence for Grandmaster Caz and LL Cool J’s ‘I Need a Beat’, a match of undiluted funk caught up in the hustle where the guns go blast, and bars, hooks, scenarios and stars pole-axed from their pedestal.

‘Copy That’ gives fans a further fresh taste of Beeks & Miggs’ firebrand wisdom, readymade orators for the real life disaster movie that is this year, following the ‘Bronx Kill’ mixtape going hard for 19 tantalising minutes.

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Copy That

Release Date : 13th November 2020
Artist : Bronx Slang
Genre : Hip Hop
Catalog ref. : FABYL045
Format : Digital Download

“The rat race will fizzle out before it sizzles, ‘cos missiles travel a lot farther than starting pistols”