A ‘New and Notable’ album featured on Bandcamp, Terry Datsun’s ‘Fable of the Seas’ comes “ripped from the dirty back seat of a 70s Dodge Challenger and thrown out the window, only to be caught by the summer breeze and laid to rest on a quiet beach by the sea”.

His next seaside rendezvous providing some pre-winter food for thought is the psych-tinged rock jangle, shimmer & scuzz of ‘Dance If You Wanna’, with the pertinent lines of “dance if you cannot take it anymore, all these bloodsuckers trying to tell you what to do”, standing up and out with some timely Britpop-styled defiance.

Have soul will travel, Terry Datsun wound up performing in various beach bars and clubs around the world, becoming inspired by the characters he met along the way. Essentially learning on the job, this nomadic performance time allowed him to chip away at his craft and establish a voice eventually finding its rightful place in the studio, though he admits that “the journey to get here has been both arduous and joyful – my decision to leave the city for a beach life eventually saved my life”.

Demos recorded and with a ticket to Europe and guitar in hand, Datsun has managed to translate what’s long been on his mind, with ‘Fable of the Seas’, a concept album of sorts, asking you to sit comfortably while maxing out the Fabyl ethos of giving up grooves to make you dance and rock out to.

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Dance If You Wanna

Release Date : 27th November 2020
Artist : Terry Datsun
Format : Digital Download