Two friends share a beer and a laugh while the forest behind them rages. Do they know of the impending danger? Do they care?

Armed with a just a PC, sound card and tracker software, Finnish producers Pyrogenic have been pounding beats since the early 90’s, refusing to change with the times.

Comprised of Jaakko Siltala and Henri Nieminen, the Valkeakoski natives had to make trip-hop themselves because there was none to be had in the pre-internet days of Finland.

Sounding like anything that Ninja Tune or Mo’ Wax might have released in the mid 90s, Pyrogenic are looking forward by, er, looking back. And it smells of pine forests. On fire.

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Hard Like Steel

Release Date : 14th August 2020
Artist : Pyrogenic
Genres : Soundtracks, Trip Hop
Catalog ref. : FABYL040
Format : Digital Download