Want ‘More Grief’? You got it. It’s safe to say that Bronx Slang have got so much trouble on their mind, but Jerry Beeks and Ollie Miggs refuse to lose in this, the latest firestarter from their eponymous LP.

Off the back of ‘Well Well Well‘, ‘Run Away Sucker’ and ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’, patriotic perspective and preservation of self struts to the sound of Jadell’s uptown strings with the funky, fuzzy bounce of a vintage Cadillac.

Three softer-edged remixes attempt to soften the informed blows of Bronx Slang’s modern history lesson. Si Spex aka Barry Beats aka one half of The Creators (pushers of the influential ‘The Weight‘), focuses on flutes and organs throwing up peace signs, the folk-ish crossed legs vibe given a lyrical figure four leg-lock.

Dreamy strings and typical turntable aggression from Finnish phenoms Cut Beetlez are told to behave by Beeks and Miggs smashing their way from out of a lava lamp, and the chirpy chimes and showtime pianos supplied by Fabyl chief Nick Faber skip headfirst into B.S.’s patent karate chops bruising you from the inside.

Bronx Slang have received great support in the last year from BBC 6 Music’s Huw Stephens, Tom Ravenscroft, Nemone and Huey Morgan, and with ‘Run Away Sucker’ featuring as a Mixmag tune of the month. More recently they’ve been on the radar of the legendary DJ Premier, gaining airtime on Premo’s Live from Headqcuorterz show.

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More Grief

Release Date : 18th October 2019
Artist : Bronx Slang
Genre : Hip Hop
Catalog ref. : FABYL008
Format : Digital Download

It’s safe to say that Bronx Slang have got so much trouble on their mind