El-Jay Burner are a South London duo of vocalist Leroy Smokes and producer Jimmy Plates.

Both honed their skills as DJs – Smokes with the mic on soundsystems and Plates on the turntables in clubs – and worked on various recordings before finally meeting each other through mutual friend and collaborator Si Spex. The pair found common ground over their musical influences and decided to mix their styles in the studio: the chemistry was instant, the spark ignited, and from the flame, El-Jay Burner was born.

With a sound firmly rooted in South London, El-Jay Burner combine their musical influences and background in crate-digging and soundsystem culture to create ‘My Thing’.

Reggae-tinged soul vocals drip over dusty hip-hop breaks, providing a groove to snap your neck to and a sweet melody with a deep message that people need to hear more than ever: no matter what people think, be true to yourself, embrace who you are…and do YOUR thing!

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My Thing

Release Date : 26th July 2019
Artist : El-Jay Burner
Genres : Hip Hop, Reggae, Soul
Catalog ref. : FABYL013
Format : Vinyl