“This is our broadcast, our publication – the information never stops”

In times when sh!t has never hit the fan harder, Bronx Slang return to perfect their eyewitness reports for when the world slides off its axis. Jerry Beeks and Ollie Miggs take to their box seats for today’s global cocktail of disease, violence, prejudice, greed and the players caught in the crosshairs, across 19 minutes of appetizers ripe for rewinding.


Once again set up by two funky-assed ringers in UK producers Jadell and Fake Blood, running ill street blues plucked straight off the sidewalk (as well as the Batman theme), ‘The Bronx Kill’ is a mixtape –“or consider it a long single” – to let people know “we right there on the frontlines with ‘em, for real”. With no time to waste, their name-checking and militant-casual NYC delivery instantly refuels the fire from last year’s self-titled debut album.


Informed by the Golden Age while the keep-it-realism took care of itself, 2019’s ‘Bronx Slang’ LP realised the pair’s reverence for Grandmaster Caz and LL Cool J’s ‘I Need a Beat’. The match of undiluted funk fiending for the thrill of the chase, and bars, hooks, scenarios and stars ripe for knocking down a peg, found fans in DJ Premier, Huw Stephens and Huey Morgan. Described as one of the highlights of the hip-hop calendar by DJ Magazine, the full-length follow-up arrives some time in 2021.

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The Bronx Kill (mixtape)

Release Date : 16th October 2020
Artist : Bronx Slang
Genre : Hip Hop
Format : Digital Download