“Vinyl Comeback” is the first single from the album “With No Delay…” by Jimmy Plates & Endevers, a classic-sounding hip hop record from the archive that is still box fresh!

South London DJ & Producer Jimmy Plates met Philadelphia hip hop collective Endevers on a record digging trip in 2002. Within a matter of hours they had recorded a single in a nearby garage and a year later Plates returned Stateside promoting the vinyl-only release of their collaboration. He recorded more tracks with the MCs which have remained unreleased until now….

Endevers are Tungsten 9, M-Dub, Shizzy Mack, Reese Wills, Ike Philthy & Asa Zimbabwe. They have been active on the Philly Hip Hop scene since 1998 and previously collaborated with Jimmy Plates on the vinyl-only single Big Rigs” b/w “Tasty Kakes” released in 2003.

When not DJing at London’s top Hip Hop nights (The Get Down, Hip Hop Karaoke) Jimmy Plates is digging through his vinyl collection with a trusty old Akai sampler ready to catch a beat. Along with vocalist Leroy Smokes Plates is also El-Jay Burner who – with a sound firmly rooted in South London – combined their musical influences and background in crate-digging and soundsystem culture to create ‘My Thing’ which was released on a limited edition 7” single.

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Vinyl Comeback

Release Date : 7th August 2020
Artist : Jimmy Plates & Endevers
Genre : Hip Hop
Catalog ref. : FABYL035
Format : Digital Download